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Benefit : Gou-Ark


  •  Raw Gou-mutra, Tulsi, Softeners
  •  Boosts the immune system
  •  Increases digestive system
  •  Corrects functioning of liver
  •  Reduces fat and lowers cholesterol levels
  •  Best and efficient anti-bacterial agent& anti-oxidant
  •  Balances Tri-doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)
  •  Protects from side effects of long usage of drugs
  •  Effective in Liver, Stomach problems, Diabetes
  •  To be consumed under Ayurveda

Benefit : Panchgavya Nasya-Ghrut / Ghrit


  •  Ghee, Milk, buttermilk, goumutra, gobar raas
  •  Very effective cure for respiratory disorders, migraine, sinus, paralysis, alzimer, tension, stress
  •  Helpful in problems related to ear and eyes, sleep disorders, snoring etc.
  •  Increases Intelligence and Memory power in young ones




Benefit : Gou-Dantmanjan


  •  Cow dung ash, Salt, Salt, Clove, Ark, Ghee, ButterĀ¬milk, Milk, Kapoor
  •  Make gums Healthy, Teeth strong and Bright
  •  Prevents tooth decay and refreshes breath
  •  Cures oral infections, mouth ulcers and sore throat
  •  Reduces sensitivity of teeth and gums

Benefit : Gou-Ghrut (Ghee) / Ghrit


  •  Clarified Butter
  •  Decreases Cholesterol
  •  Flushes out Toxins
  •  Increases Digestive power
  •  Good for Piles, fisher and fistula
  •  Anit-aging ingredient Increases Immune system
  •  Good for heart, eyes, brain
  •  Heals Wound
  •  Best form of fat